Proper Nutrition for Your Pregnant Cat

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What is the right type of nutrition for my pregnant cat?

Proper Nutrition for Your Pregnant Cat

A pregnant cat has special dietary needs. Because she will soon be eating for four, five, or even six, it is important to offer her foods that are not only enticing to her taste buds but also have the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Offer your cat canned food every now and then during the pregnancy. Some good choices are Friskie's Turkey and Giblets or the beef varieties from Fancy Feast. These will offer a higher amount of much-needed protein during this time. Always have dry food available. Two great choices are Iam's and Science Diet. Some believe that pregnant cats need extra calcium, so they use it as an alternative to food. Expecting cats do need extra calcium, but they must consume it in a way that their systems can easily digest. Milk contains lactose, and too much of it could even lead to skeletal deformities in cats, especially if milk is given instead of food or water. If your pregnant kitty loves milk, it wouldn't hurt to give her a small bowl every now and then, but never substitute it for water or consider it as a "meal replacement." Cats do usually love the taste of milk, but a diet of dry and canned cat food and plenty of clean drinking water is always the smarter choice to ensure the health of Mom-cat and her unborn kittens.



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