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How do I take care of orphaned kittens?


When caring for orphaned kittens, remember that you are replacing their mother who does everything for them during the first three weeks. This includes cleaning them.
You will need to get a good textured wash cloth- like terrycloth- to simulate the mother's tongue. Get the wash cloth wet with very warm water: it should be wet, but not dripping. Gently wash the kitten's face by moving across the eyes and nose area. After the face, gently wash the genital area, this will stimulate the bladder to work, and in the later weeks, teach the kitten to clean itself after a bowel movement.



9/1/2009 10:05:48 AM
chanda said:

i love kittens i have two kittens n one mom i love them so much i am sure other people will love theirs 2

8/17/2011 3:16:50 PM
khaqan rafiq said:

thank you very much for your useful tips!

10/2/2011 9:11:29 AM
trish said:

very interesting more people should use this website

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ashley said:

this relly helpt me take care of my cats the person that had her beafor me abosd her


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