Rug Protectors

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How do I retrain my cat to use the litter box?

Rug Protectors

This idea is from one of our members-Callie. Although I've never used it, I believe it is a good tip.
Kitty has chosen a spot (outside his box) to do his buisness. You've cleaned the spot with an Odor Remover Formula (found in the other tips section), now you need to retrain him to use the box. One step is to place an office rug protector (plastic mat with little knob/spikes on the bottom) upside down over Kitty's spot. The knobs will be uncomfortable on his paws and deter him from using his old spot.



1/8/2009 2:00:17 PM
Melanie said:

~This is a great tip!~ Im going to give it a try right now and with any luck it will deter my kitty from going back to the spot to do her business.


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