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What do lions eat?

General Facts

Lion- General Facts
Panthera Leo
Size: 300-500 lb (135-225 kg) but may reach 750 lb (340 kg). The male grows to 10 ft (3 m) (including the tail) and 3.3 ft (1m) high.
Location: Found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert and in the Gir Forest of India. They live in most types of terrain.
Coat Coloring: plain tawny brown to help them blend in with the grasses of their home for camoflage. The male is differentiated from the female by the large mane around his neck.
Food: Lions are carnivores-meat eaters. Their prey ranges from insects to giraffes, but they prefer large animals such as zebras, which can be shared by the members of the pride.



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