Kittens are Ravenous

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How much food should I leave out for my cat?

Kittens are Ravenous

Your kitty is not fully mature until he is 1 year old; and will continue to 'fill out' until he is two years old. All this growing burns calories.
So, keep the dry food out at all times for your kitten. I recommend a dry food dispenser to make this little chore easier for you.



6/16/2007 7:27:54 PM
Linda said:

My female is ravenous constantly at age 15 months. She will eat dry cat food for as long as 15 minutes constant inhaling, then go back for more in a few minutes rest. She was eating more than one cup a day, if it was left out. I have put myself on a timer of 1/8 cup every 3 hours until my bedtime, and she cries in the night for more food. She is otherwise healthy, but fat. Any suggestions?


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