Pet Door Introduction

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How do I train my cat to use the Pet Door?

Pet Door Introduction

You have a new Pet Door and want Kitty to use this, instead of howling for you to let him in or out.
To introduce Kitty to the door, play with your him through the pet door.
Prop open the pet door slightly, so he can see beyond the door. Now use a string, or feather or a favorite toy to dangle/move it on the opposite side of the door from him. That will encourage him to investigate the door and see that he can pass through it.
Always give praise and affection, plus treats for doing the things you want him to do during this early phase of training.
Don't use corrective measures-of any kind-in reference to your Kitty's reluctance to use the Pet Door. This is one instance where positive re-inforcement for good behaviors will go much farther to acheiving positive results.



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