Training Kitty to use the Toilet

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How do I train my cat to use the toilet?

Training Kitty to use the Toilet

There are kits available to train your cat to use the toilet, as opposed to a litter box, and I suggest that you try the major pet store chains, and online.

This training can be acheived, but it will require much more patience, persistance, and consistency on your part, because you will be training two different actions to coincide with each other. If you have more than one cat, you have to do this with multiple cats, who will all respond differently to the training.

It works best if you have more than one bathroom, one for the humans, and one for the cats.

The kit consists of a plastic tray that you fit over the porcelain lip of the toilet, and lower the seat over the tray. You fill the tray with cat sand and follow all my regular Litter Box Training tips. Then you gradually stop filling it with sand, and then remove the tray completely.

At the same time, you must start restricting the availability of your kitty's regular litter box. And you CANNOT use corrective measures on your cats for missing a litter box, since you have restricted their access to it. Corrective measures will only confuse your cat, or worse, destroy his desire to please you.



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