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How should I correct a misbehaving kitty?


If your cat is doing something it shouldn't be doing, you can use a spray mist bottle filled with cold water to "mist" them.

I recommend being several feet away so that your cat does not associate the spray with you, rather it should associate the spray with the plant or whatever it was messing with.



7/26/2007 1:09:14 AM
Khaled Hamdy said:

I've got a Male Kitten, i read about that tip b4 and tried it, but still he runs away from it and then come back doing the same thing which is, biting and scratching me. i'm not worried now the thing he's just a 2 month old kitten i'm worried that it becomes a habbit and since he scratched me hard now later when he become stronger it'll be big trouble.


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