Remind Kitten about the Litter Box

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How do I train a kitten to use the Litter Box?

Remind Kitten about the Litter Box

When litter box training kittens, you must remind them of the litter box, much like you remind a small child of the toilet. Before long trips parents ask their small children, 'Do you need to use the restroom?' You must do the same for kittens.
When the kittens are awake and playing, put them in the litter box twice an hour. This will help remind them where the box is, and they will use it if they feel the need to.



2/22/2007 6:46:12 PM
Jessica said:

My cat just had 4 Kittens, and that's a good tip.

4/2/2007 10:32:24 AM
he-man said:

thats awsome man (or girl..........or heshe)


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