Use Pet Foods, Not Human Foods

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How do I wean kittens from mother´s milk to solid food?

Use Pet Foods, Not Human Foods

About New Born Kitten Care - Don't make the mistake of trying to feed kittens any type of Human infant cereal. Most human infant cereals are 'grain' based, and in the wild, Kittens are weaned on raw meat (ie, the mothers will bring fresh kills back to the nest for the kittens.) So, kittens really don't quite know what to do with that mush that smells all wrong. NO, I don't suggest you try feeding the kittens raw meat, my point is that cats are carnivores and their food should be meat based, not grain based. So do feed your kittens healthy cat food instead.



9/7/2009 2:12:15 PM
catsdigme said:

The best diet for Kitty is a Holistic Raw Food Diet, especially formulated for felines. Their digestive system is designed for digesting raw meat and some brands include ground up bone for nutrition. This type of diet will decrease the odor and amount of use of the litter box as well.


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