Canned Cat Foods to Use and Avoid

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How do I wean kittens from mother´s milk to solid food?

Canned Cat Foods to Use and Avoid

You can try 'fish' flavored canned cat foods, since the fish flavors have a very distinctive smell that cats will recognize. Don't feed your cat or kitten straight tuna that is meant for humans, since a steady diet of this will deplete their bodies of vitamin E. You can feed your cat the tuna flavored cat foods occasionally because they are supplemented with additional vitamin E to prevent this, but it might be best to avoid tuna altogether.

In addition to being a good source of nutrition on its own, canned cat food can be used as a supplement to dry cat foods, increasing it palatability and water content. Many owners simply feed their cats both.



11/12/2007 5:29:02 AM
Sharon said:

I've also read that canned tuna is not good for cats because it contains too much mercury for them.


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