Walking on a lead

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Will kittens learn to walk on a leash?

Walking on a lead

It is relatively easy to teach a kitten to walk on a lead: first, let it wear the harness (without the leash)in the house over a period of days. 5 minutes per day are enough. You can also let the kitten play with the harness and the leash under your supervision. Reward it with cat treats every time the harness or leash are tolerated without fuss. Then, clip on the leash. Let the kitten romp around the house with the dragging leash (under close supervision, so it does not get trapped). The next step is to pick up the leash and follow the kitten wherever it wants to go, rather than attempting to direct its movements. Finally, you will be able to persuade it to walk by your side. Never drag or pull the kitten, but praise and reward it when it gets things right. Small tugs on the leash are allowed. The last step is to walk your kitten in the garden and the street. Be patient and carry it inside if it becomes frightened. - So what is this good for? The lead may come in useful some day, for example if you need to take your cat to the vet and do not have access to a cat carrier.



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