Correcting a Bad Kitty

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How should I correct a misbehaving kitty?

Correcting a Bad Kitty

Yelling and screaming at the cat is the worst way to correct bad behavior.

The best way to correct bad behavior is to eliminate the factor that motivates or initates the behavior. If the cat enjoys playing with some particular item, hide it for several weeks. If he is curious about something, explore it with him so you can control his reactions.

If he continues to misbehave, use a specific loud noise to startle him. I mimic the sound of a game show buzzer. I have read that a low growl from you will turn your kitty around. Although that would work for me, our cats ignored my husband. As a last resort, a water gun, or spray bottle will deter bad behavior. NOTE: Use these sparingly, or they will cease to have their effectiveness. Eliminating the behavior motivitator is the better answer.



10/16/2007 11:37:48 AM
Donell said:

Spraying water has not helped my cat. If anything it made her "exploring" more of a game.

11/30/2008 3:02:47 PM
jennifer said:

what if the factor is the christmas tree, my kittens try to climb to the top

7/20/2009 8:17:52 AM
Sarah Craig said:

My cat is deaf so using noise to try and correct his behaviour is not working. I also tried the water bottle but he just gets mad and continues to do what he is doing or goes and does something else bad. He can be very distructive (knock objects of counters), also he has started to destroy the carpet outside my bedroom door because I have to shut him out in the morning. He just started this, he gets up at 5am and wants me up, so I close the door and typically get up at 7am to feed him and for play. For awhile he was good, know he scratches at the door and claws the carpet, I have even put a mat there and he still manages to move the mat and pull at the carpet.

Help, any advice would be great

10/16/2011 8:40:03 PM
Cherie said:

Do I use plain water? I was told vinegar with the water.


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