Sandbox Training 101

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My cat is going everywhere, how do I stop him?

Sandbox Training 101

NEVER CORRECT A NEW CAT/KITTEN FOR INAPPROPRIATELY MISSING THE SANDBOX. You don't spank a baby for dirtying it's diapers, don't correct your cat until she knows where the sandbox is and what it is for.
INSTEAD, pick up the solid waste, or mop up the urine with a paper towel, then place it in the sandbox. Take the cat/kitten to the box with it's excrement or urine soaked paper towel inside. Encourage the animal with positive words and lots of loving. Your cat will smell the items in the box and bury them. Give the animal a couple of weeks to learn where the sandbox is before you get too concerned. If you still have problems after that, consult the vet for possible problems with the animal's urinary tract.



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