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Question 1

1. Do cats have a season when they can not get pregnant?

Only cats in the wild (feral) who must endure harsh cold will have a short time when they do not ovulate. Any other pet who has access to warm, dry sleeping arrangements, can and will go into heat at any time.

Question 2

2. How often will a cat ovulate, or come into heat?

Cats are spontaneous ovulators. They can go into heat at any time.
Cats have three breeding seasons a year.
Cats have two breeding seasons a year.
Cats have a monthly cycle like a human woman.
Cats are either in heat, pregnant, or nursing a litter. Only during in extreme cold will feral cats stop ovulating. This is to protect the mother when it is doubtful that she could carry the litter to full term, and most likely die herself.

Question 3

3. At what age can cats go into heat and become pregnant?

One year old
18 months old
6 months old
6 weeks old
Cats enter puberty at 6 months old, and that is the best time to get them surgically altered (fixed, neutered, spayed) by a reputable veterinarian. However, some female cats can go into heat as young as 4 months old.

Question 4

4. How long are cats pregnant? What is the length of gestation?

9 months
180 days
90 days
65 days
The average house cat is pregnant for 65 days; however, like humans that time can be up to 10 days longer.

Question 5

5. How do I know my female cat is in heat?

She quietly asks to be let outside more often.
She rolls around on the ground uttering an unusual cry.
She yowls at the full moon.
She runs from window to window like there is something outside of interest.
The rolling and ´chirping´ are the most obvious signs of oestrus in cats, however, they may exhibit other unusual behaviors depending on their personality and their access to male cats. Some cats will present their hind quarters to humans, if they are unable to reach a male cat.

Question 6

6. Do male cats go into heat?

But don´t think your male cat won´t exhibit irritating behaviors just because he can´t go into heat. Male cats react to the hormonal scent changes in the female cat´s body. Male cats will have a call of their own when attracted to an ovulating female. They will fight with other males for the right to impregnate an ovulating female. The will spray/mark their territory with urine to warn other males off their territory. They will be relentless in pursuit of that ovulating female, so locking your ovulating female cat in the house won´t stop the male cats outside. It is best to get your pets altered at 6 months old, or as soon as you adopt them-if they are adults.

Question 7

7. Are altering, neutering, spaying, getting them fixed all the same?

In Europe, they are all the same. In the United States, neutering refers to the surgery for males; spaying refers to the surgery for females; altering is the general term for either procedure.

Question 8

8. Will my pet suffer health issues if I get it altered?

Most animals are healthier after sterilization since they loose their aggresive tendancies to fight; and they don´t suffer certain problems associated with the breeding cycle when they are older. Only in very rare occasions do animals suffer from hormonal issues when they are sugically sterilized. Those are easily controled with a vet´s help.

Question 9

9. Will my pet hate me if I get it surgically sterilized?

Your kitty will not know he/she lost their breeding organs and they won´t care. The procedure is done under anesthesia so the animal won´t feel pain. They will have some discomfort after the surgery, but this lasts about a day. Breeding and mating are purely instinctual reactions to the hormonal changes in the female´s body. There is no conscious thought about the enormity of the act of creation. They will not miss the ability to make more kitties. My kitties were always more loving, playful, and better pets all around after sterilization.

Question 10

10. Should I let my cat have a litter of kittens to teach my children the wonder of childbirth?

Do you plan on keeping and caring for all of those kittens, including the surgeries to sterlize them all, yearly vaccinations, food, shelter, and love? Would you-as a human- support a pregnancy in which the baby was casually tossed aside after the birth, just to teach another child about procreation? Having a litter of kittens is an irresponsible rationalization for not getting your pets altered. There are hundreds of books, videos, and intstructional pamphlets to help teach your children about the Cycle of Life.

Question 11

11. Are there organizations that can help pay for this procedure?

Local animal shelters, humane societies, SPCA´s, and rescue organizations have lists of low cost vets and in some cases can help you pay to have your pet sterilized.

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