Survival Instinct-make it work for you

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How can I bond with and train my cat?

Survival Instinct-make it work for you

A cat's motivation for most of his behaviors and actions is based on self survival and species survival. Catering to this instinct will create a more harmonious relationship with you and your cat.
Toys should be designed to satisfy the need to hunt and kill food. A cat's enviroment should have places to run, jump, climb and hide. Kitty should have a safe and secure place to nap.
Playing with your cat will mimic the pride's cooperative effort in hunting and killing. Spending quiet time with your cat will mimic the affectionate bonding at the end of a hard day. 'Sharing' food (ie feeding them at the same time every day) will mimic the feast at the end of a hunt.
Understand that you are a part of your cat's pride/den/family, and the more you mimic feline behaviors, the more your cat will bond with you, and try very hard to please you.



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