Cats find their own toys...

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What kinds of toys are good for my cat?

Cats find their own toys...

We love to spend that dollar or two to bring a new toy home for kitty. The colors and shapes just call our name and demand we take them home. However, most kitties have their own ideas what constitutes a great toy. Some of the toys my cats have found on their own include:
aluminum foil rolled up in a ball, a large paper shell pecan, plastic ring from a gallon milk jug, six inches of plastic beaded Christmas garland, an individual piece of plastic/artificial Christmas tree, styrofoam ball, packing peanuts, paper grocery sacks, children's plastic bead bracelet, and (of all things)a starlight peppermint in it's wrapper.



9/1/2006 4:23:50 PM
Blanche said:

I am concerned that some of the toys found by their kitty are actually harmful such as aluminum foil, packing peanuts small enough to swallow, etc.

11/14/2008 12:14:23 AM
Martha said:

Watch for the danger of strings, thread, yarn or any such thing that can be swallowed and cause internal damage and suffering. Don't learn the hard way, keep the string out of their play!


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