Entertaining with bird feeders & bird baths

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How do I entertain my kitty with an outdoor birdfeeder?

Entertaining with bird feeders & bird baths

Indoor kitties love to sit in a window and watch the creatures outdoors.
A simple way to entertain your indoor kitty is to put an outdoor bird feeder near your kitty's favorite window. A bird bath is another good idea.
Don't put these too close to the window, or the birds won't come when they notice the cat all the time. However, the best kitty entertainment is watching the birds retreat enmasse when they see him, so the feeder can't be too far from the window either. It may take a couple of tries to find the right distance.
This way you can feed your outdoor feathered friends, and entertain your indoor furry friends at the same time.
PS. Birds are natural bug eaters, so attracting birds to your yard will help control the insect pests, also.



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