Cats who do not like pills

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How can I give my cat his pill?

Cats who do not like pills

Does your cat fight you everytime you try to give it a pill? Well there is an easy no hassle way to give your cat that pill. Take the pill and cover the top of the pill with the cats favorite tasting treat. I recommend that the flavored treat be sticky so that it will stick to the pill. Then give it to the cat and the cat should eat with pleasure!
GURU'S NOTE: Check with your vet about the contents of the pill, and if this is an acceptable means of giving your pet his medication. Some medications can be toxic or loose their effectiveness if chewed and subjected to saliva.



12/15/2011 12:50:23 PM
Smokey Joe's Owner said:

Another suggestion is to have the medicine compounded into a cream by a pharmacy. It is absorbed by rubbing it onto the hairless part of the cats ears. Not all medicine can be compounded, but check with your vet to see which ones are options.


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