Pregnancy in Cats

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What do I need to know about cat pregnancy?

Pregnancy in Cats

Once a cat becomes pregnant, her gestation period is about 65 days. One of the most visible signs of pregnancy is the abdominal swelling that will happen as the kittens grow.

Some veterinarians suggest feeding the mama cat kitten food for the last three weeks of pregnancy and during the time she is nursing her newborns.

About three weeks after becoming pregnant, a cat will have more of an appetite than usual and you will be able to see enlarged nipples.

Your cat may throw up once in a while when she is pregnant and she will be more loving to you and show more affection. Be certain to assure her that you're there and that everything's fine.

Keep the litter box very clean during this time and don't overtire her with too much play, activity, or excitement.



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