The Neurotically Clean Cat

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My cat is an indoor cat. She lives in a very clean environment. However, she is constantly cleaning herself. It is most annoying at night. It almost seems to be a conpulsive behavior thing. Is this usual or do I have a neurotic cat?

The Neurotically Clean Cat

Cats are incredibly clean animals. A healthy cat will groom as frequently as possible during the day no matter how clean its living area is. The reason for this is part of their predatory nature, cats clean themselves to remove any scent on themselves so that no prey can smell them as they approach. This is vital for hunting and the cleanest cats make the best hunters (assuming they actually know how to hunt too). So, your cat is probably just trying to stay clean on the off chance some prey wanders around and she decides to stalk it (or more likely out of instinct). What you want to watch out for is if your cat starts to lick itself so much that it starts to lose fur in places on its body. This suggests a neurotic behavior, or an allergy or a skin disease, and, if your cat is licking to this extent, then you need to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible as this can be symptomatic of a more serious condition.



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