Cover soil in plant pot to deter digging

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How do I stop my cat from digging in my house plants?

Cover soil in plant pot to deter digging

To stop your cat from digging in your house plants, you can cut a strip of 'chicken wire' to fit around the top of the pot, up to the base of the plant. Use duct tape or florists tape to attach the wire to the outside of the pot.
You can also cover the top of your pots with aluminum foil just up to the base of the plant to help deter Kitty from digging in the pot. Guru Note: this may not work for all cats. Some cats enjoy playing with aluminum foil.



3/30/2009 9:30:49 PM
Myrah said:

A layer of river rocks also can work with some cats.

6/10/2009 5:22:24 AM
Kate said:

I have a large number of plants on an open terrace and two (male) cats. One cat in particular refuses to use the litter tray and digs the soil out of the plant pots and uses the soil as a toilet. This is becoming a problem and I would appreciate any other tips for keeping him out of the plant pots. It is just not feasible, given the number and the size of the pots to cover them in chicken wire.


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