Cat Fights

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How do I keep my cats from fighting?

Cat Fights

Multiple Cat households are familiar with occasional, or unfortunately, frequent fights between their pets. Most of the time, I don't take too serious of action when these happen. Cats are territorial and an occasional spat is expected. However, when the behavior becomes the norm, you can take steps to correct this. The following is a list of things that I do, along with some ideas from Friskies Cat food:
Identify the aggressor and the victim, then separate them when not supervised. Give the agressor corrective measures, while giving the victim rewards. Corrective measures could include: confining the aggressor in a less attractive space, place a collar and bell on him, squirts with a water sprayer during aggression. Rewards could include: allowing the victim to roam freely while the aggressor is confined, both edible and affection type rewards.
To help lessen the defensive posturing, take steps to make the cats smell similar to each other. Rub talcum powder on each cat or spritz cologne on your hands and when it is dry pet both cats (don't put the cologne directly on the cat-their noses are much more sensitive than humans); use the same grooming tools on both cats to transfer their scents to one another.
Gradually increase the time of supervised interaction using corrective measures for aggression, and rewards for good behavior.



10/29/2011 7:56:22 PM
jazmin said:

that was a very good thing you wrote about cat fights thanks I liked it

12/1/2011 10:41:30 PM
A Vet.. said:

Are you mad? Talc is dangerous for cats, it causes respiratory problems. Please people DO NOT follow this tip. If you want your cats to get alone, feed them together but also give them their own space. Creating an area for each of them where they feel safe. Also smoothing both down at the same time is a way to get them to feel relaxed in each others company.


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