Litter Box Reconnaissance

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My cat has diarrhea, what should I do?

Litter Box Reconnaissance

When caring for your older cat (or cats of any age), be sure to take notice of the litter box deposits.
If the stool samples are runny or too hard, those are indicators of intestinal troubles. Runny stools demand a thorough check up from your vet. Hard stools may need nothing more than extra roughage or a laxative recommended by your vet.
Yes, take Ol' Kitty to the vet for a check up when you notice inconsistancies in the Litter Box.



8/15/2006 1:51:06 PM
Carl said:

Be careful if your cat's stool is hard. It could be an indication of kidney problems. As always, don't guess, see your Vet right away.


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