Top 5 Cat Apps

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Top 5 Cat Apps

Cat lovers already use their smartphones to take hilarious pictures of their finicky felines and app developers have responded by creating several helpful and fun cat apps. All cat lovers should install the following apps for fun and help with the beloved family pet.

1. PetMD on Android or iPhone

A healthy cat is a happy cat. PetMD is invaluable for identifying common cat complaints. The app also provides advice for cat emergencies.

2. MyPets Info on iPhone

This app helps keep a record of a cat's medical history, as well as other vital details so that a feline's owner can keep all information on hand without carrying paper records.

3. Pet Snap on iPhone

Social media these days is about 50 percent cat pictures and this app makes it easy to get the perfect pet shot for Instagram or Facebook. When activated, the app makes different sounds that will get the cat's attention for a shot of the cat's face, rather than the back of its head.

4. Catbook on iPhone

Cat lovers can congregate on Facebook and talk about their beloved felines with this social app. Owners can also share details about their cats and participate in discussion groups.

5. Cat Guide on iPhone

Most cat owners know the breed of their feline, but this app offers a load of extra information such as expected behavior and in-depth characteristics like life expectancy and whether the cat is hyper and vocal or quiet and sedate.



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