Protect Your Black Cat

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Should I worry about my black cat at Halloween?

Protect Your Black Cat

It is horrendous to think, but Black Cats are at great danger the week before Halloween (October 31.) Too many black cats been mutilated or killed to celebrate Halloween and they were not the ritual killings of some cult; they were the mindless pranks of cruel people.
If you own a black cat, or even a cat that is mostly black, keep it contained in the house or garage over night during the week before Halloween and especially Halloween night. This will protect Kitty's life during a time when it is most vulnerable from human predators.



9/7/2009 12:57:00 PM
catsdigme said:

Also, most likely your local pet shelter will not adopt out black cats right before Halloween. Keep your black or almost all black kitty INDOORS - especially just before and during Halloween. Humans are the most dangerous predators to innocent animals.


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