UI, cystis and some helpful steps

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What should I do for my cat´s UI or cystitis?

UI, cystis and some helpful steps

Your vet has determined that your cat has UI, or cystitis or anyother type of urinary problem, now what do you do?
Follow the vet's instructions for any type of medicine, and ask your vet to recommend a preventative diet formula designed to help kitty maintain urinary health. Not all foods are created equally, and if your vet has a preference, then use that food. It will help your vet to better treat your cat, if he knows what the kitty is eating.



5/2/2007 7:51:38 AM
taylor said:

my vet recommends a particular brand that I have trepidations about -- although it is not on the recall list. He sells this particular brand by the way. Your comment about "and if your vet has a preference..." gives me a little more insight while deciding what to do.


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