Tap Water and UI

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Can the tap water be contributing to my cat´s urinary problems?

Tap Water and UI

Your vet has determined that your cat has a urinary problem; he has given you medicine and recommended a special food for Kitty.
As one last question for the vet, ask him about the water quality in your area and if that could be contributing to Kitty's problem. If need be, you may want to switch kitty over to bottled water that has most of the minerals removed. (Water that has been treated with Reverse Osmosis or even distilled water).



6/1/2012 3:37:51 PM
donna said:

I was just reading this and I never thought about it, but I'm on a water softner so all my tap water has salt contents which is what all my cats get.. I haven't had any problems yet with my cats , but could this be a problem for the future?


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