Kitty Nipping at Elbow and Feet

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Why does my cat nip at my elbow and feet?

Kitty Nipping at Elbow and Feet

For no apparent reason, your Kitty walks up to you nips you. Of course you react with a loud 'OW!'
It is my experience that Kitty is trying to get your attention when she does this, and since you give such an obvious reaction, she will do it again and again.
To stop this, short step that 'nip' by picking her up and giving her affection when you see her approaching. Everytime you see her, greet her and talk to her. Take every opportunity to convince your cat that she has your attention, either with a vocal greeting or physical affection or playing with a toy.



6/11/2007 2:34:49 PM
liz said:

my siamese cross is always doing this whenever he approaches me i ve learnt to pay him more attention and it seems to have helped but he
will still nip me when he feels ignored!

11/14/2008 12:17:11 AM
Martha said:

My kitty would nip me on the face as I was sleeping. I stopped this with a quick hissing sound. Now she will nip at other times and I don't mind; but it was a terrible way to be woken!!


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