Tiger-General Facts

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Where do tigers live?

Tiger-General Facts

Panthera Tigris
Size: Tigers are the largest living member of the cat family weighing 250-500 lb (110-225 kg), but may reach 800 lb (360 kg).
Two major subspecies exist: the Siberian (also called Manchurian) tiger, Panthera Tigris altaica
The Bengal tiger, Panthera Tigris Tigris
Location: They are found in all kinds of terrain, except desert; in southern and south-eastern Asia extending to north-eastern China and Siberia.
Coloring: orange-brown with long black stripes for the Bengal, and thick yellow fur with dark stripes on the Siberian. They are the only true striped wild cats.
Food: The diet is varied, ranging from deer and cattle to snakes and termites. Occasionally, carrion (decaying meat) is also eaten.



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