4 Tips about Cats Clawing Furniture

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How do I stop my cat from clawing the furniture?

4 Tips about Cats Clawing Furniture

Are you frustrated with the cat for clawing your furniture or carpets? Here are a few facts and "how to" hints that might help:

1. Clawing has a dual purpose for the cat. It's just cat instinct to work their claws and mark their territory. Once a cat claws something their scent is left on that object, so they will come back and claw it again.

2. If you buy a carpet or sisal covered scratching post or cat tree, rub it with catnip and Kitty might find it is better than your carpet or furniture.

3. You can trim a cat's nails, which will lessen the damage they can cause without having to declaw them. Special cat claw trimmers are available at your local pet supply store. When trimming, do not cut too close to the pink part of the claws, or you could seriously hurt your cat.

4. Every time you catch the cat clawing something they shouldn't, spray them with a water bottle you should already have handy (use regular tap water). This method, used consistently, should minimize the number of times they claw and help to eliminate the unwanted behavior.



8/22/2006 12:53:38 PM
Larry said:

water bottle use usually works although we had one cat that just disreguarded the water spray and would come back and eventually do it again.

3/30/2009 9:15:06 PM
Myrah said:

I've found that the large toenail clippers (for people) work better for cutting my cat's nails. They are easier to handle and sharper, so they don't crush the nail as much, which causes discomfort.

I have also heard that spraying the cat for scratching the furniture will only confuse him. Scratching is a necessary behavior and your cat will think you are punishing the behavior, not the location. It is better to correct the cat by showing him where he should scratch. Those cardboard scratching posts are cheap and cats love them. Set one in front of the place where you cat is scratching. He will probably prefer the cardboard.


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