Declaw only the front feet

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Is it safe to declaw my cat?

Declaw only the front feet

If your cat is strictly indoors and you must declaw to perserve your furniture, please make sure to do only the front paws. Cats need their back claws for certain types of grooming. Also, should your cat escape his/her safe haven, they still need their back claws to help climb and for self-defense as well.



10/12/2007 1:02:43 PM
Sally said:

Declawing is inhumane, do not declaw. There are plenty of alternatives -- there is no need to declaw.

Declawing removes the first joint (like the first joints on your fingers) and is extremely painful.

11/6/2007 11:08:39 AM
Emma said:

Declawing a cat to save your furniture?! If you value your furniture more than your cat's health and well being then you shouldn't have a cat! A cat needs all it's claws, front and back!


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