Cats in heat conclusion - Spaying and Neutering

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What will happen if I don´t neuter my male cat?

Cats in heat conclusion - Spaying and Neutering

Male cats do not go into heat. They respond to the hormonal changes in a female cat's body.
Males have a mating call, too, which will continue until another male cat has fought and defeated him, or until he impregnates the female cat.
If males are not neutered, they will develop behaviors that are perfectly normal, but undesirable in pets.
Male cats will mark their territory with urine, also known as spraying if they are not altered at 6 months old. This includes the bushes, tress, the front door-inside and outside, furniture, and carpets. Deficating is also a means of marking his territory (leaving solid waste outside of the litter box.)
Males become more agressive and less affectionate if they are not altered at 6 months old.
Trust me, it is easier, safer, and much more pleasant to have your male cat neutered at 6 months old.



7/22/2007 6:55:34 AM
dawn said:

i want ti know if female cate spray as well as a male? My 6 month old kitten has been urinating on the carpet every since I brought another female in i took the other female back out but she hangs out on my porch. No one is answering my question.

12/4/2007 11:24:09 AM
Paul Francis said:

My male cat is 16 months old and solid muscle. This is because I wasn't selfish enough to have him fixed. He's one bad ass and proud of it.And so am I!

4/4/2009 4:46:57 PM
yasmine said:

I have a 6 year old female house cat. She took a nasty fall as a young kitten and had to have surgery for a diaphragmatic hernia; her liver, stomach and small intestine were adhered to the thoracic cage...long story shortened...the vet was not able to spay her and recommended that we not spay her in the future. She has had heats every couple of months for a few days and then things settle down until the next time however about 3 months ago our old female (spayed) cat died and cinder hasn't shut up since!!! I'm at my wits end, no-one seems to be able to offer a solution to our problem. She has seen a couple of local vets and she doesn't have any tumors or any other symptoms.Does anyone know of anything I can do to relieve my poor kitty's dilemna and get some decent sleep? thanks


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