Paying the Cat Tax as Relaxation Trigger

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How can my cat trigger my body to relax?

Paying the Cat Tax as Relaxation Trigger

A Relaxation Response can be compared to smelling food and feeling hungry, or hearing a noise at night, and feeling fear. These are trained responses that happen automatically. Psycho-Cybernetics uses this automatic response to train your body to relax with a given trigger.

Research shows how interacting with animals can reduce your blood pressure and slow down your heart rate. We also discussed Paying the Cat Tax: taking time out of your busy day to spend one on one time with your kitty. We suggested this time be right as you enter your home after being gone all day at work.

If you Pay the Cat Tax everyday, in a short while, your mind and body will learn to relax at the site of your cat. You won`t have to force the relaxation, because your cat, in your subconscious, will become associated with rest. Spending time with your cat will become the trigger for your Relaxation Response.

After that you will be better able to proceed onto deeper relaxation and other stress management techniques will have more success.

For your cat or kitten, petting reduces his stress of being alone all day, reaffirms his importance to you, and creates the desire-to-please-you within your kitty. This will redirect your mind and body away from the stress of work and will reduce your Kitty's stress of missing you all day.



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