How Much Cat Food

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How much food should you feed an adult cat?

How Much Cat Food

Cat Nutrition Needs - Personally, I leave food dispenser full of dry food out all the time for my cats. They are instinctually grazers, nibble through out the day, so I just let them eat as much as they want.

Unlike humans, 95% of the cats in the world have natural instincts that prevent them from overeating to obesity. And of those cats who are obese, there is generally a good explanation such as a physical disorder or illness that is causing the overeating.

As long as your cat has well defined body areas, I wouldn't worry about his/her weight. When your cat or kitten is standing and you run both hands down his body from his neck to his tail, you should be able to easily feel the contours of his shoulds, ribs, stomach, and rear haunches.

If your kitty is shaped more like a barrel and you can't feel any of these features, then he is probably obese and you should consult your vet for the best treatments and nutrition requirements. An overweight cat is prone to health problems, including diabetes, joint, tendon and ligament problems, breathing problems, and even skin problems if they cannot groom themselves properly.



8/30/2007 6:10:03 PM
regan said:

it sounds pretty ridiculous to me that 'cats are naturally grazers'. By definition carnivores eat prey sporadically and not by grazing on them throughout the day. Also, where does your 95% stat come from? You lose a lot of credibility by throwing numbers around that you don't back up!


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