Ear Mite Symptoms

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What are the symptoms of earmites in Cats?

Ear Mite Symptoms

The general symptoms of ear mites include:
Scratching behind the ear and inside the ear; A dark brown wax inside the ear; Plus other signs that are not visible without the special equipment a vet uses.

Ear mites are highly infectious little pests that feed on the lining of the ear canals. Because of their highly contagious nature, ear mites are especially common in shelter cats and kittens.

A quick trip to the vet can quickly determine if it is ear mites or something else, and to get the right medication for your kitty. Ear mites can be difficult to get rid of, so be persistent, and use the vet's medication recommendation, and not the pet store variety.

Cat Health Care Good News: The means of controlling ear mites have greatly improved in the past few years.



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