Marking, UI, and Urinating

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How do I know the difference between marking and peeing in a cat?

Marking, UI, and Urinating

The difference between a cat spraying or marking and eliminating fluid waste is based on the position of the body.

To spray or mark their territory, cats back up to the object, and remain standing to release the urine. They are also known to wiggle their tale while doing this.

Cats will squat very low to urinate, and they will then scratch and cover it up.

Cats with Urinary Infection will try to squat to urinate, but then will rise up as the urine leaves the body, since it is causing physical pain and discomfort.

Cats do not stand up to urinate, even with UI. If a cat is standing up while releasing urine, that is a marking behavior.



12/13/2007 1:57:50 PM
donna cabral said:

My sister's cat has been digonis with urinary tract disease, antiboic's help while she is on them but once off she starts her screaming all nite again which last for about 1 week. The vet says that there is nothing else she can do for the cat. She has been on a strict diet. My sister is thinking about putting the cat down which really upsets' me. But she feels that the cat is in pain and there is nothing she can do about it. Please help!!!!!!!!


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