Herbal/Spicy Insect Repellants

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How do I get rid of indoor insect pests without poisoning them?

Herbal/Spicy Insect Repellants

Trying to protect your kitties from poisons, and get rid of those nasty indoor insect pests, can be achieved with a few different steps.

Most insects have a very sensitive oalfactory sensory organs, so strong herbal smells will cause them to run. Strong herbal smells are like a toxic gas to them, so they avoid it at all costs.

I bought several salt shakers with large 'holes' in the shaker lid. I put various strong smelling herbs and spices in these shakers and scatter them through my kitchen. Oregano, Yarrow, Rue, Garlic and Onion are some of the herbs I use in the salt shakers.



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