Watch the Garbage Can

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How do I get rid of indoor insect pests without poisoning them?

Watch the Garbage Can

I don't use pesticides in my home due to my asthma, allergies, and of course my kitties. Eating a poisoned bug or mouse, can poison your kitty.

My approach to Pest Free living is to create a household that does not attract bugs. Eliminating easy access to food is the best way I've kept the bugs out of my house.

In the summer months, I have to carefully watch the kitchen garbage can. I try to put as much food refuse as possible in the compost pile or down the disposal; plus, I get the trash out of the house as soon as possible when there is some type of food in the kitchen garbage can.



2/10/2015 6:13:19 PM
Donna said:

I keep a spray bottle of half water and white vineger mixed close by my can. I spray to keep bugs out and also my animals. They don't like the taste and smell. the smell goes away very fast It seems to work for me.


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