When you must use poisons....

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How should I use chemical poisons in my home?

When you must use poisons....

Sometimes, there is no alternative but to use chemical poisons to rid the home of insect pests.

Try to limit the areas you poison to those your kitty doesn't have access to. Areas such as underneath the stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, freezer or under the base boards of your kitchen cabinets or between the counter and the refrigerator.

I suggest you contact your vet and read out the ingredient list of the insecticides you are using.

Your vet will be able to give you a list of symptoms to look for in case of accidental poisoning from your kitty playing with or ingesting a poisoned insect. Your vet can also suggest the best first aid measures to take until you can get your kitty to the office for more serious measures.



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