Modifying Chewing Behavior

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How can I stop my cat from chewing my cords?

Modifying Chewing Behavior

I have often been told that when my cat chews on electrical wires, I should rub Bitter Apple or Tabasco sauce on the wires to stop him. I quickly discovered that he liked these treatments. As a last resort (and also to help "repair" the damaged wires), I wrapped the wires in black electrical tape; to my surprise, my cat soon stopped the unwanted behavior. Why? Well, it seems that he did not like the taste of the tape, or how the glue felt in his mouth. You can get black electrical tape anywhere (some stores even carry various colors), and it`s inexpensive. You don`t need to wrap every single centimeter of your wires; leaving a little space between wraps will give you the same result.



10/5/2009 9:56:17 AM
JoAnn said:

My orange tabby, Milo, was apparently chewing on the fan wire when he got a shock and became flying Milo and ran wildly through the living room and hid under the couch. He now will not go near the fan. Felt bad for him, but I still laughed a little, I am ashamed to admit.

8/13/2011 7:14:52 PM
AitchBee said:

My cats absolutley love "adhesive" on tape, envelopes, etc.


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