When Kitty meows meows meows

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Why is my cat meowing constantly?

When Kitty meows meows meows

More about cat vocalizations - Some cats vocalize more than others (e.g. Siamese), but all do it to get your attention. It can be cute, but it also can turn into a problem, especially if it occurs at night or early in the morning when everyone is trying to sleep.

The meowing may be a sign that the cat is in discomfort or has a medical problem. Cats meow as a form of communication, as well. However, most cats meow simply because they are bored and want some human interaction. The solution is to provide the cat with an entertaining environment with more cat toys and possibly another cat to play with.

One Last Tip: It is not wise to pay attention to the constant crying, as this will only encourage the cat to continue and will create an ongoing cat behavior problem. After all, all she wants is your attention.



9/19/2006 10:18:33 AM
kelli said:

I have a cat that meows everytime I get on the phone. And if you don't pay atttention to her it gets worse. So I usually pet her and walk away just to let her know that I know she's there. So has always been a very vocal kitty-from 6weeks on. It is her way of communication with us.

6/19/2011 6:13:04 AM
Caution said:

For the sake of cats, you might want to emphasize that your cat may need medical attention and is trying to communicate that. Only ignore it after you are absolutely 100% positive it doesn't mean "something's wrong".


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