Recognized Cat Breeds

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What are the CFA recognized breeds?

Recognized Cat Breeds

Only breeds recognized by a nation’s cat breeder’s association can compete for shows. The American chapter is the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA.) Each nation’s chapter may or may not recognize the same breeds as does the world’s largest breed registry, The International Cat Association (TICA.)

Some cat breeders are not scrupulous about what breeds are allowed in TICA or CFA sanctioned shows. They may sell a cat or kitten claiming that the breed is sanctioned when it is not or claim that a breed will be sanctioned "soon." Always check TICA or the CFA’s websites for the most current list of recognized breeds.

TICA splits cat breeds into four categories for competition and registry purposes. These five categories are:

1. Championship Breeds: Conventional recognized cat breeds
2. Non-championship Breeds: Mixed breeds that can enter fun “Household Pets” classes that do not go towards Best In Show
3. Preliminary New Breeds: Rare, recently developed purebreds with a limited following that cannot compete for Best In Show
4. Advanced New Breeds: Recently developed breeds that are soon to be recognized by TICA as a Championship Breed



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