Finding a Breeder

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How do I locate a good breeder?

Finding a Breeder

Here are some tips on finding a breeder near you:

Magazines - There are several cat magazines that list breeders for most of the popular cat breeds. Some are: Cats, Cat Fancy, Cats USA, Kittens USA, I Love Cats, Pet Life, Your Cat.

Web sites - You can search the web for cat breeders and other resources.

Cat Clubs - Contact local and national breed clubs to locate reputable breeders. To find breed clubs near you, contact one of the national or international cat associations.

Cat Shows - Check local newspapers, cat magazines, breed club periodicals, or search the web for cat shows being held near you.

Veterinarians - Most vets can tell you who the reputable cat breeders are, and if their cats are healthy.

Classified Ads - Some reputable cat breeders use the classified ads, but be aware that there are "bad" breeders listed there too, so you should thouroughly investigate their operation before buying any of their cats.



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