Caring for Pregnant Cats

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How do I care for my pregnant cat?

Caring for Pregnant Cats

To make sure your cat has a safe pregnancy and a healthy birth, take your cat to see your vet - he or she may suggest basic blood work to establish baseline readings and to spot any potential health problems.

Follow your vets recommendations for prenatal care and don't give your cat any extra medications, vitamins, or any other pills without discussing them with your vet first.

Your cat will become restless about two weeks before giving birth and will look for a safe place to have her kittens. She should be confined at this time to the house and be provided with a box for birthing. It might be better to confine her to a single room, maybe your bedroom, so you can keep a close watch on her.

Make sure she delivers where you have easy access to them later on, because it's important for them to be as well socialized as possible.



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