Holding a Cat

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How do you hold a cat?

Holding a Cat

Once your new older cat is accustomed to you, you can start the process of holding him. First sit in the floor with him and gently pull him into your lap. Don't fight him! If he struggles to get away, let him go. Try this a couple of times a day. Eventually, he will learn that you aren't trying to 'capture' him. The next step is to hold the cat so he is in control. To do that: with one hand hold his back feet, then hold his front feet with the other hand. When you have him secure in your arms, slowly let go of his paws and allow him to 'stand' on your hands. This will allow your cat to feel in control, while you are holding him. With practice, you can allow him to stand on one forearm, while petting him with the other hand.



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