Dry cat foods

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How much food should I leave out for my cat?

Dry cat foods

Cats are nibblers, they like to 'graze' at any given time of the day or night. The easiest way to do this is keep a bowl of dry/crunchy food (also called kibble) out all the time. It comes in a bag or box and is less expensive than canned or semi-moist cat foods, and gives you the most options for feeding your cat or kitten. You can leave dry food out and it won't go bad.

Nowadays, they have a variety of dry cat food dispensers that will keep the crunchy bowl full without having to fill it every day. A never empty bowl of pet food creates a very content cat.

Keeping kittys favorite crunchy pet foods out will also keep them from begging so much at mealtimes, because they won't be as hungry.

Dry cat food also helps reduce tartar buildup on your pets teeth.



2/8/2009 1:39:10 PM
anon said:

Wish my cat would only "graze" during the day. He gobbles in all done in one sitting. Because he does that he has a hard time digesting it and throws it all back up. Food bowl stays empty because he is a piggy.


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