Give Kitty her own special chair

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How do I keep Kitty off the sofa?

Give Kitty her own special chair

Your new Kitty wants to sit on the sofa, but you don't want her to. Don't yell and scream at her, cats are easily offended, and never forget a grudge. Instead, create her own special chair or corner of the sofa. To do this, put a pillow down where you want her to sleep, then put a fuzzy blanket on the pillow, or one of your dirty shirts, or whatever it she likes to sleep on. It can be on a chair, a window sill, cubby hole in the book shelf, a perch on top of the entertainment center, etc. Then gently place her in the new 'bed' giving her love and positive reinforcement to be in 'her' spot. Whenever she jumps on furniture you don't want her to be on, gently pick her up and place her in her special spot. Be sure to wash the blanket as often as you do your own bedsheets. If you allow your pets to have their very own special place, you can train them to avoid other more valuable furniture.



11/14/2008 7:39:44 AM
JS said:

Put aluminum foil on the furniture you don't want kitty on -- it really works! Apparently they hate walking on it.


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