Keeping Kitty off the Table at Mealtime

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How do I keep Kitty off the table at meal times?

Keeping Kitty off the Table at Mealtime

Your Kitty wants to be a part of the family, and mealtime is especially attractive: everyone is together, the smell of food, and everything is not quite out of Kitty's reach.
Instead of locking my cats out during mealtime, I pulled a couple of chairs out from the table,& put paper place mats on them. As we eat, we give small pieces of each dish to the cat on their paper place mat. This allows the cat to see what is going on at the table, allows them to smell the food you are eating, and eliminates all curiosity about mealtime. Most of the time, they will lose interest and go back to their napping.



1/3/2012 5:03:35 AM
Avital said:

The best way to keep them from your table at dinnertime is to give them their own meal at exactly that time every day just before you start eating and you will not see them at all at yr table as they will go to rest or sleep right after that and never bother you ever, it works wonders with us and we have 4 cats. Never feed them food from your table either !!, as begging is difficult to cure afterwards and the food is not meant for cats anyway but only for humans!


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