Excessive licking and grooming

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Why does my cat lick himself all the time?

Excessive licking and grooming

Your kitty's excessive licking and grooming can have several causes: stress, food allergies, and more. Your first step is a visit with your vet to determine whether it's a health or behavior problem.
Many cats are allergic to corn, a main ingedient in most dried cat foods. If your vet suspects an allergy, change the cat's food and watch for improvements in your cat's coat and behavior. Your vet can suggest brands of food that will help the most.

If the licking is due to stress, try to remove the source, or simply manage the stress. This is particularly important in multiple cat-households. We have four, & the low man on the pecking order stopped chewing his fur when I started feeding him without the others present. I also give him 'special time', i.e. an hour per day, when he is with me alone and gets undivided attention.



7/24/2006 11:39:36 AM
Sarah said:

I have been giving my cat dry and wet cat food could this be a problem?

9/28/2006 12:33:27 AM
Mari said:

We recently moved from a house to an apartment and my cat can no longer go outside. She cries all the time and now has OCD and licked the hair off her bottom and back legs. She has no disease. no allergies and no fleas. We have tried everything. We can't let her outside because she tries to jump off the balcony or go down 3 flights of stairs to the parking lot. She is even trying to lick me all the time now!I can't give her away because she is wild and aggressive with anyone other than us. Besides, we love her.

10/6/2006 12:30:31 AM
Lori said:

This is the first time I've heard of this! If this helps my poor, obsessively-licking kitty, I will owe you a million thanks!!! (Thanks, even if it turns out not to be the cause!)

6/2/2007 7:24:39 PM
Kristy said:

My cat has this same issue and I am starting to become very concerned. When she isn't sleeping she is licking her coat. The bald patches are growing larger and her hair is getting thinner.

10/1/2007 6:53:26 PM
Kristy said:

My cat has the same problem. She is bald on her hind legs and her belly has giant bald patches. I feel so bad for her. She is a sweetheart. She just can't stop licking herself. She licks my hand as well for a half hour straight if I put it in front of her mouth while she is licking herself. Help!

10/16/2007 1:46:26 PM
Mary said:

My cat (age unknown because she is adopted, but she is at least 8) - eats fleece - robes, socks, mittens, etc. Do you know why she may do this?

1/20/2008 9:17:19 PM
Tia said:

Thanks i hope this hlps my kittie it must be embarrassing walking around with a bald ass!

1/17/2009 7:43:01 PM
April said:

Hopefully your cat has recovered from her licking issue; I realize it is nearly 3 years since your post. However, I once had a cat who licked off all the fur from her waist to her tail. Turns out she had a tapeworm and it was hurting her. I suggest anyone in a similar situation get your cat to the vet.

5/28/2009 4:40:17 PM
Marilyn Knight said:

My cat is licking and grooming excessively. I have tested her food and there doesn't seem to be any stress because we have had our other cats for several years and they get along well. Also, she spends a lot of alone time with me. I am confused and agitated because of this problem as she sometimes keeps me awake at night with the licking, etc. I have checked and rechecked with the vet and nothing seems to be helping.


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